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Sunday Cinema: The Vanishing (1993)

Sunday Cinema: The Vanishing (1993)

For some their weakness is reality tv, for others it the romantic comedies that get them, for me, I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned psychological thriller.

In 1993, The Vanishing, was remade. The original was a Franco-Dutch film made in 1988 and was adapted from the novella The Golden Egg. I can’t tell you anything about the original since I haven’t seen it…yet. The reviews say that it’s the better of the two though.

Anyways, it’s set in the Pacific Northwest and the plot of the film is that Jeff and his girlfriend Diane go on vacation and poof she vanishes while at a gas station. Jeff spends years searching for her to no avail until Barney, the man who abducted her, shows up at his front door. He says he’ll show him what happened to Diane but only if he goes through exactly what Diane had gone through three years earlier. Standing in the rain, Jeff agrees andĀ finds himself buried alive while his new girlfriend, Rita, searches for him. Talk about stressful. Makes you want to avoid going into the woods.

Barney, who is played by Jeff Bridges, is really fascinating. I’ve never seen him in a roll like this and he plays such a convincing crazy person. I loved him in this role.

Who else has seen this movie?

Cheers Suz

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