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Sunday Cinema: Dark Places

Sunday Cinema: Dark Places

Okay, so who else has read all of Gillian Flynn’s novels? I hope it’s not just me. Anyways, I think it was a couple of years ago that I read Dark Places and this Sunday I finally got around to watching the movie.

The story goes something like this… Libby Day was eight years oldĀ in the 1980’s when her family was brutally murdered in Kansas. Because it’s the 80’s there’s a satanic cult angle to the story. Anyways, she escapes and testifies against her brother. Fast forward 25 years later, and Libby is in need of money and hooks up with a group of amateur sleuths. They talk her into meeting her brother for the first time since she testified against him and sent him to jail. The movie goes through a series of present day and flashbacks to the day of the murders. Through the flashback we learn about her brother’s secret girlfriend and the secret they share. We also learn about her mostly absent and abusive father, her mother who struggles to hang onto the family farm, and the allegations surrounding her brother at the time. As Libby struggles to deal with her past, we go along for the ride and discover the truth about what happened that fateful night.

If I had to choose between the novel and the film. I’d go with the novel, hands down. It’s far more suspenseful. The movie just lacks the OMG OMG OMG that the novel has, especially at the end.

Who else has read and/or seen Dark Places? What did you think? Are you more of a book over movie person or movie over book?

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