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Sunday Cinema: 42

Sunday Cinema: 42

42 - Cheers Suz

A friend of mine, in an effort to expand my cinematic horizons but also play to my weaknesses, gave me a bunch of films to watch. By a bunch, I mean like over a hundred! So, yeah, I have a whole lot of movie watching ahead of me. Which is a good thing since I also have a whole lot of photos to get through for the upcoming shop.

Anyways, I settled in the other night to work through photos from Zion and turned on a film titled 42. It was a bit of Russian Roulette when it came to choosing a movie. I knew nothing about it when I hit the play button. Low and behold a film about baseball. Now, I know very little about baseball. It’s a sport that I’d like to know more about, just like football, and all the other major league sports. I really need to get with the game…pun intended.

42 is a film from 2013 that’s about the racial integration of Jackie Robinson who wore the jersey number 42 through his Major League career. The film stars Harrison Ford, who I love, as Branch Rickey who is the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers who brought Jackie Robinson, played by Chadwick Boseman, on board. The film chronicles the first few years of Jackie Robinson’s career. While I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about baseball I did really enjoy this movie. It gets really gets you in the feelers.

Anyone else seen this? What did you think?

Cheers Suz

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