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Restaurant Review: Copper Onion

Restaurant Review: Copper Onion

While I was in Salt Lake City, UT attending Outdoor Retailer I met up with my cousin who moved to the area this past Spring. He suggested meeting up a place called The Copper Onion for breakfast. Since it was a Saturday morning it felt a whole lot more like brunch which soon became lunch. Apparently, we both are really talkative people. Who knew? Surely not our parents. Because we were both rather shy and quiet growing up.

I arrived early and started off with a latte. It seems that whenever I’m in a new place I tend to be early everywhere I go. It’s when I’m in LA that traffic can sometimes derail the best laid plans. Anyways, after Charlie arrived we immediately launched into talking each other’s ears off. The poor waiter had to come back several times before we even took five second to read the menu.

I tucked into one of that days’ specials a Brisket Eggs Benedict and found it to be really quiet good. So good that I would order it again which is more than I can say for the coffee. I guess I’ve been spoiled with the coffee options at home. My daily cup of Stumptown is so much better. But, let’s get back to the Eggs Benedict. I’m a sucker for Eggs Benedict. Even though I’ve made it at home before I rarely make it unless I have company over. Seriously, it makes so much. I haven’t master a single portion yet. Something to work on. Haha! Anyways, if I do have it, it’s usually at a restaurant and I don’t usually go traditional either. Eggs Benedict with avocado for example is genius, then again, it could be a Cali thing. Avocado in anything usually makes it 10 times better.

Between mouthful of food we discussed what it’s like to live in Salt Lake City, where he’s working, and how school was coming along. We also covered the topic of the Mormons and how the town has what we interpreted as a segregated feeling to it. You have the Mormons, who were very caucasian, clean cut, wearing neatly pressed clothing (suites with white shirts and ties for the men and boys and dresses for the women and girls). Many times you found them walking in straight lines with the fathers leading and the mother’s bringing up the rear. No one ever seemed to get out of line. They were extremely well composed and orderly.

In contrast, you had the Outdoor Retailer event there that weekend so the streets were filled with people in jeans or shorts and t-shirts, laughing, yelling hellos from across the street, driving dirty cars and trucks, and the like. Then you have what I took for as the regular SLC people. These people are more like the average person you would find wandering the streets of any city or country town. There were some who were out with their kids for the weekend. They were wearing whatever they felt like, but mostly shorts and t-shirts, and the kids were playing in sprinklers or the creek. It was hot out! They were loud and boisterous in comparison to the conservative Mormons.

The Mormons didn’t really engage with everyone else. Or maybe it’s more that everyone else didn’t engage with them. You could be standing at a street corner and the Mormons were almost ignored or rather they were treated as through they weren’t really there. Its…well…weird. I had never experienced anything quite like it before and neither had my cousin.¬†All this talk lead me to add a book about the Mormon religion audio book library checkout.

Anyways, back to the Brisket Egg’s Benedict. It was good. You should have one this weekend. But, if you’re a coffee lover, you should pick some up before you get there. Or, if you’re like me, you can make a cup while you’re out camping and watching the moose. More on that later though…I need to find the photos.


The Copper Onion

Location: 111 East Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT

Phone: 801.355.3282


Cheers Suz

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