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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Guys!

Last week I received some rather disappointing news. I applied to a graduate program at PSU and received the fateful rejection letter. To say it wasn’t what I was expecting would be an understatement. Some ugly crying was involved. But, I took a few days to reevaluate, process, and come to terms with it. Regina Hartley’s TED Talk on why the best hire might not have the perfect resume also helped.

It’s not going to stop me from chasing my passion though and thanks to thought leaders like Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss I feel like I’m going to be just fine. You see, when it comes to things I want to do in my life, there is no shortage. I’ve taken some time over the weekend to start dream lining again and will continue to create.

Intentions for the week:

What’s on your calendar for the week?

Cheers Suz

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