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Let’s Do This! – To Do Checklist Template

Let’s Do This! – To Do Checklist Template

I love lists! They keep me honest and on track. They bring clarity to what needs to be done. They help with my trips to the grocery store. There’s nothing as disappointing as getting home from the store only to find that you forgot something you need for a recipe you want to test out. Granted sometimes when you don’t have all the ingredients you end up trying something else and it’s amazing!

Anyways, for the last few months I’ve been grabbing a sheet of paper and breaking it into quadrants. I then separate out my to do list depending upon what needs to get done. One area might be for the errands I need to run, another for things I have to pick up at the store, another for trip or blog post ideas, you get the picture. By grouping them together it helps me to get similar items taken care of at the same time. It’s been really helpful. So helpful in fact that I wanted to share it with you guys!

Cheers Suz

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