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50 Ways to Make the Most Out of Summer

50 Ways to Make the Most Out of Summer
    1. Do you guys do anything to welcome summer? Any annual rituals? Yeah, me neither. Instead I usually pray for cooler temps for a little while longer so the fur kids and I can keep hiking. When it’s too hot we opt to stay home and lay on the tile floor under the fan and eat ice cream. Terrible, I know. What can I say?
      In order to prevent such things from happening again this year, I’ve put together a list to keep things interesting and less house bound.
    1. Have a picnic
    2. Have a lake weekend in the mountains
    3. Visit a Farmer’s Market
    4. Pull an all-nighter
    5. Take a road trip
    6. Make ice cream
    7. Go to a drive in
    8. Have a water balloon fight
    9. Go to a parade
    10. Watch the fireworks
    11. Go stargazing
    12. Try paddleboarding
    13. Play frisbee
    14. Eat outside
    15. Explore a new town
    16. Have a bonfire
    17. Attend an outdoor concert
    18. Lie in the grass and watch the clouds
    19. Play in a sprinkler
    20. Go swimming at night
    21. Make homemade salsa and guac
    22. Go to the fair and eat all the goodies on treat street
    23. Volunteer at a national park
    24. Check out a vintage car show
    25. Get out and kayak
    26. Check out a museum
    27. Fly a kite
    28. Spend a day at the beach
    29. Go berry picking
    30. Fire up the grill and BBQ your heart out
    31. Eat snow cones with friends
    32. Ride a bike for fun
    33. Buy a new bathing suit and hit the pool
    34. Chase down an ice cream truck
    35. Stay up all night
    36. Go hiking
    37. Visit an aquarium
    38. Blow bubbles
    39. Read an easy bit of fluff book
    40. Catch fireflies
    41. Chase down a meteor shower
    42. Make potato stamps
    43. Volunteer for a service project
    44. Visit a local farm
    45. Pick wildflowers
    46. Hit up the taco trucks
    47. Float down a river
    48. Play tennis
    49. Visit a state landmark
    50. Eat at a new restaurant

Happy Summer guys! Now, let’s get out there and have some fun!

Cheers Suz

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