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50 Ways to Make the Most Out of Spring

50 Ways to Make the Most Out of Spring

Spring has finally arrived and hopefully it won’t be long before it feels like it has sprung. I’m looking forward to longer daylight hours and more adventures. It’ll be nice not to have to keep training in the dark. Granted it has been fun running with LED everything in hopes of not getting run over. What are you guys looking forward to this Spring? Any fun Easter plans and Mother’s Day?

I’ve put together a quick list of fun things to do this spring come rain or shine. I’m looking forward to crossing a few of these things off my own list, doing some Spring cleaning with the windows open, and getting into the woods just as soon as the snow melts.

  1. Visit a local farm
  2. Decorate Eater Eggs
  3. Bake and decorate cupcakes
  4. Try a new farm to table restaurant
  5. Read a book outside
  6. Visit a museum on a rainy day
  7. Experiment with a new hair color
  8. Spring clean everything
  9. Take a spring break
  10. Host an easter egg dying party
  11. Try a new green salad recipe
  12. Buy a new vegetable at the farmer’s market
  13. Make a bird feeder
  14. Skip rocks
  15. Go camping
  16. Make a green smoothie
  17. Search for a four leaf clover
  18. Read a classic
  19. Send someone flowers for no reason
  20. Buy the perfect chambray shirt
  21. Get a mani and pedi in mint
  22. Volunteer to clean up your neighborhood
  23. Buy fresh flowers and keep them at your desk
  24. Try a new workout
  25. Plan a picnic with friends
  26. Plant a potted herb garden
  27. Play hooky and take a spontaneous adventure near home
  28. Buy a new dress
  29. Visit a new park
  30. Donate clothes
  31. Add color to your home with new pillows or table linens
  32. Listen to a new podcast
  33. Write a handwritten note to a friend
  34. Go for a bike ride
  35. Have an Easter Egg hunt
  36. Make lemonade
  37. Start a book club
  38. Go hiking
  39. Visit the library
  40. Make cookies for a neighbor
  41. Visit an orchard for spring blossoms
  42. Go to a sports game
  43. Take a road trip to find fields and valleys of flowers
  44. Make a new cocktail
  45. Read a book while it’s raining out
  46. Run an extra mile
  47. Keep a journal
  48. Take your mom out for a day of fun
  49. Try a new perfume
  50. Host a happy hour

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